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This is a 16 hour Advanced 1st aid course.  Sponsored by Rescue Emergency Care, the course meets all the requirements of all of the Outdoor Governing Bodies.  The course is aimed at outdoor instructors, leaders, and guides who have already completed one or more of the standard outdoor emergency 1st aid courses, and wish to further develop their patient assessment and treatment techniques, making them better thinkers and decision makers, rather than just following protocols.  This is a highly practical and hands on course, taught by an experienced Wilderness EMT.

We can conduct the course at our venue in Toward, Argyll, or at a suitable venue of your choice.  

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Patient Assessment

Further refine and develop your patient assessment skills.  Challenging trauma and medical conditions in austere and difficult environments.



Extend your knowledge of how to manage wounds, fractures, and dislocations.  Use additional rescue equipment and learn how to improvise essential kit if necessary.

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Learn to use airway adjuncts to manage airways and use additional equipment to keep your patient alive in the wilds.



Complex scenario based training, including night scenarios tests your skills and teamwork.



Know the signs and symptoms of hypothermia and hyperthermia, and what to do when there is no immediate ambulance.   Keep a patient alive for extended periods.


Rescue Skills

Know when and how to safely move a casualty if required.  Understand how to safely remove helmets and protect the rescuers and other groups members from the environment.  Learn how to assist the professional rescue services.

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