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Camp craft & Expedition Skills

This weekend course is aimed at anyone who wants to start wild camping from their sea kayaks.  It is aimed at novices, perhaps those who feel that they don't like camping!  We don't camp out on this weekend, but do provide you with all the knowledge and skills to go wild camping safely and comfortably, and all with Leave No Trace and WiSE Wildlife ethics at the forefront. 

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Camp Craft

Look at campsite selection, the law and Leave No Trace camping ethics. Learn about tent options, and how to put them up properly and securely.


Camp Hygiene

Learn about camp hygiene, how to dispose if human and food waste.  Keep yourself clean and safe on expedition.


Camp Fires

Learn how to responsibly build and enjoy campfires, and ensure that there is no environmental damage or indeed sign of your fire.

Campsite 1.jpeg

Expedition Skills

Learn how to pack and waterproof your kit.  Practise loading an expedition sea kayak, and how to handle a fully loaded sea kayak.  Rehearse the making and breaking camp, so that you know what is expected.


Tarps & Cooking

Practise using tarps. Learn about different camping stoves, fuel and food options.  How to safely collect drinking water and nutrition on expedition.


Comfort Camping

This course is about becoming comfortable in the outdoors.  It is aimed at building skills and confidence to make you comfortable in the wilds. 

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