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BC Guide Customer Experience

This is an eight hour training course based on the British Canoeing Guide Customer Experience Module.  The course explores the concept of guiding, particularly in a commercial context.  The course is an excellent introduction to the Guide Scheme and is one of the essential modules to attain Guide Endorsement.  The course costs £110 including £20 British Canoeing fees, and can be delivered either in person or based online over four two hour sessions.


Customer Experience

The course starts with gaining an understanding of what Customer Experience is, and how guiding differs from leadership.


Customer Profiling

Considers how we profile our customers before, at the start of and during the trip or expedition.  This is vital to get right to match the challenge and meet your customer experience targets, as well as ensuring informed consent and protecting yourself from negligence. 

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Legal Issues

We examine the legal background behind working commercially as a guide.  How to protect your customers and yourself, using case studies and examples.


Expedition & Group Dynamics

This element examines why people come on expedition and the tensions that can arise whilst away.  How to recognise and manage groups.

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Guiding Skills 

We examine many of the softer skills that are required by guides, including conflict management, rapport building, dealing with complaints, recognising and managing fear to name a few. 

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