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  • Do you offer qualifications?
    We can provide the British Canoeing, Start; Discover and Explore Awards. We also specialise in the Sea Award and Coastal Sea Award; as well as Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning, and Sea Leader Training and Assessments. We are now running the full suite of British Canoeing Guide modules and Guide sign offs. Additionally we specialise in safety and rescue and can provide the Paddlesport Safety & Rescue Training, Sea Kayak Safety & Rescue and the Paddlesport Leader Awards. We also run Rescue Emergency Care Outdoor and Advanced 1st Aid Courses, as well as specialist Sea Safety Courses that count towards your British Canoeing CPD.
  • What first aid qualifications do you offer?
    We provide numerous courses, all certified by Rescue Emergency Care. We can do 1 day basic 1st aid and Emergency 1st Aid at Work; two day Outdoor Emergency 1st Aid; three day Sea Kayak 1st Aid with Enhanced Skills and Advanced 1st Aid. All course over 16 hours are widely reognised by all the national governing bodies. All courses are taught by an experienced Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and Rescue Emergency Care Advanced 1st Aid Trainer.
  • What is sea survival for sea kayakers?
  • How does wild camping work?  What kit do I need?
    In Scotland our access laws allow us to camp anywhere. We specialise in wild camping and will gladly help you learn how to be comfortable in the wilds, how to leave no trace that you had camped there and ensure that the wilderness is left in a pristine condition. Wild camping from a sea kayak is not uncomfortable - the boat carries the kit and wieght, so you can carry those essential comfort items. Your guide is highly experienced and will provide you with comprehensive kit lists, advice on meal planning and show you everything you need to know, from how to correctly pitch your tent to how to 'use the facilities.' We can throw in some coastal foraging and kayak fishing as well if desired!
  • Will I get wet?  Do I have to capsize?
    You are unlikely to fall in, but your guide will quickly put you back in your boat if you do. You will not be made to capsize (unless you really want to!)
  • Can anyone go sea kayaking?
    Anyone can go kayaking. Your guide will tailor the day to match your ability and aspirations.
  • How do I pack my kayak for a multi-day trip?
  • What kit do you provide to go sea kayaking?
    All technical and safety equipment will be provided. - Top quality sea kayak - Lendal/ Celtic or Werner paddle - Buoyancy aid - Spray deck - Wind/ waterproof kayaking spray top - Drybags for your kit - Wet suit if required
  • What kit do I need to bring to go kayaking?
    To wear: - Warm thermal leggings or lined trousers - Warm thermal base layer top - Fleecey mid layer - Warm hat - Waterprood overtrousers - Old trainers/ water shoes or neoprene boots (they will get wet) To bring: - A full change of clothes (just in case!) - Lots of layers to stay warm - Water bottle and flask - Packed lunch - High energy snacks or chocolate bars - Sun block and sun glasses (on a tether) Don't: - Weat glasses or sunglasses without a head band - Put mobile phones or car keys in your pocket or buoyancy aid - Wear jeans or cotton hoodies - they are cold and heavy when wet - Take a camera on the water unless waterproof -
  • Is sea kayaking safe?
    The sea is a potentially dangerous place at anytime. You will, however, have a highly trained and qualified guide who with you who is skilled in rescue techniques and outdoors 1st aid. The guide will be carrying a full suite of safety gear, including VHF radios, flares, locator beacons, 1st aid kits and tow ropes. You will discuss the weather and conditions each day and mutually agree on the plan.
  • Will I see any wildlife?
    The area is a haven for wildlife, you will almost certainly see seals and numerous sea birds including diving Gannets. We may see puffins, otters, Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles depending upon the route and good fortune.
  • What qualifications does the guide/ coach hold?
    Lead guide and coach Phil holds the highest possible coaching and leadership qualifications for Sea Kayaking in the UK. Phil is a British Canoeing Advanced Sea Leader, as well as an Advanced Performance Sea Coach. Additionally he is an International Sea Kayak Guide Association Guide; a Rescue Emergency Care Advanced 1st Aid Instructor and WEMSI Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. In addition to watersports, Phil is a Rock Climbing Instructor and Mountain Leader; Mountain Bike Leader; Canoe Coach; and RYA Coastal Skipper. Other coaches working with Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute hold current up to date sea kayaking and first aid qualifications relevant to the environment they are working within, checked and verified by the lead coach. With over 25 years of experience leading people in remote and austere environments all over the world, you will have a safe and fun adventure!
  • What about COVID 19?
    All of our activities take place in the great outdoors. We monitor the Scottish Government guidelines and will follow all the government issued guidelines. We ask our customers not to take part if they are suffering from cold like symptoms or have a positive COVID test in the last 7 days. Our coaches will also be 7 days symptom free.
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