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If you have held your leadership qualification for two years and conducted the necessary trips, as well as completed a minimum of three guide modules (or have accredited prior learning), then you are ready for your BC Guide sign off trip.   If you have not completed all the requirements yet, but are looking for some support or mentoring to gain the guide endorsement, get in touch - we are keen to help.


The endorsement observation is really simple, just organise a suitable trip in your chosen craft and guide for the day.  We will come along, fully engage and take part and have a professional discussion about your experience, guiding ethos and how the day went.   There is no need to demonstrate everything in the syllabus, but we would like to see your administration, leadership, and how you engage with your clients and the environment.  


The outcome will hopefully be a recommendation for full British Canoeing Guide status.  

The cost for the observation is £185, plus any travel requirements.  If you are keen to book an observation, get in touch and we can discuss the requirements: we are keen to mentor and support all candidates through the process.

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