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This is the next step on from our introductory course.  Over two days we will practise and polish your skills, as well as introducing new strokes and providing more safety and rescue training.

Paddle Strokes 


Continue to build your strokes, learning when to use which strokes. Develop practise and self-check skills to keep working on developing your control and confidence in the boat.


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Learn more about your kit and equipment.  What sort of buoyancy aid, and what to put in it.  How to use a simple tow line and basic first aid kit.            


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Learn more about how to predict tides and use tidal streams to aid your journey.  Look at where to get the best weather forecasts and how to start to plan simple sea journeys safely and with confidence.                       



Start to practise your deep water and self-rescues.  Learn to look after yourself and others on the sea, and how to use additional safety equipment such as radios and flares.          



Jane Hinshalwood

Great 2 day improver course with Phil. We were a mixed ability group but Phil was generous with his time and advice and worked on diffferent skills with each of us. He has endless cheerful patience a sense of humour and everyone made progress with his help and encouragement. Looking forward to another opportunity to learn from him soon.

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Karen Hornigold

I've done expeditions and skills coaching with Sea Kayak Argyll and Bute. Phil is an excellent coach and extremely competent guide and leader. Can't recommend highly enough!

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