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  • Phil Keetley

Sea Safety Week

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Here at Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute, we believe we should train as if it was real - because one day, - it just might be!

Casualty assessment

Sea safety is a broad topic, but we try to distill it to three practical elements: being able to manage an incident if it happened; deal with any casualties (potentially for protracted periods); and handle one self in the event of being afloat and unable to paddle due to injury, illness or being unable to stay in the boat due to adverse conditions.

Rocky landing - swim tow to the shore

So, we run our unique Sea Safety Week, which incorporates a Rescue Emergency Care Level 3 Sea Kayak (with enhanced skills) 1st Aid course; a two day Incident Management Course; as well as a one day Sea Survival Course.

Scenario training

In fact, the three courses actually merge together - so we start with the principles of incident management and leadership - which provide a firm basis for the next two days of outdoors 1st aid, including numerous scenarios and practical hands on casualty assessments.

This leads us to run through the International Sea Kayak Guide Association Incident Management syllabus, practising various simple and complex rescues; and learning various methods and styles to manage incidents. Each incident grows in complexity, as do the number of casualties, but you are supported through each incident - this is not an assessment!

Rescue techniques

The course is aimed at competent paddlers, of or around the BC 3* standard. It will push you, but will also provide a fabulous base for developing paddling independence, or to moving towards becoming a leader, either the BC Sea Leader or ISKGA Coastal Guide scheme.

Some of the unique elements of the course include handling unconscious casualties in the water; rocky and difficult landings; extendeed casualty care; VHF radio training and practical use; and sea survival for sea kayakers theory and practical training. This course is quite unique and one of the most thorough and detailed courses of its kind.

We run the course in conjunction with Greene Adventures, so there are three qualified guides/ coaches, including two Advanced Sea Leaders/ ISKGA Guides and a Rescue Emergency Care Advanced 1st Aid Instructor/ Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician.

Casualty handling

The course runs from Carry Farm, Ardlamont, Argyll, a great venue that includes camper van hook ups and smart, self-catering bunkhouse accommodation. If you are interested in the course, feel free to get in touch to discuss. We run this course twice a year in the Spring and the Autumn.

Click here to see more: Sea Safety Week or book a place.

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