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  • Phil Keetley

What is your dream sea kayak adventure?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We all like to dream. I dream of endless sunshine and gliding effortlessly through crystal clear waters, or surfing a clean wave back to a sandy beach. As the snow continues to fall and I am stuck, landlocked, down south, I am enjoying dreaming of the adventures to come this forthcoming season.

Sea kayak surfing

Sea kayaking provides an opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to get some adventure in to their lives. Adventures do not have to be epic; adventures should be relevant and appropriate to ourselves and our abilities. I offer a few examples of adventures below for inspiration, based on mini day - long adventures, through to some much more challenging ideas. Some are trips that I have done often, some just once or twice, and a few are trips that I have in the planning.

Mini or Beginner Adventures:

  • If you are a complete beginner, why not learn to sea kayak with a two day hollistic introductory course

  • Paddle for a day to a remote beach for a driftwood fire, coffee and cake

  • Paddle to an uninhabited island and wild camp overnight

  • Try a night paddle (more of a mini-adventure than for the beginner, unless with a coach)!

  • Do a day's coast craft training, learning to forage on the coast; build a shelter, find and filter water, build a fire and leave no trace. Camp under the stars in your homemade shelter.

Wild camping with amazing views

Intermediate Adventures:

  • Circumnavigate the Isle of Arran

  • Join a week long paddling expedition to somewhere such as Sweden or Finland

  • Paddle out to the majestic Fingal’s Cave on Staffa, 10km offshore of the Isle of Mull

  • Paddle out to the Small Isles and wild camp on remote beaches

  • Do a tour of the Shetland Isles, the most northerly islands of Britain, and perhaps get out to Muckle Fluga, the most northerly of British lighthouses

  • Do a warm weather paddle to Lanzarote - day paddling from a villa in 24 degree seas

  • Paddle out to visit the gannetry on Ailsa Craig or the puffins on Sanda

Paddling under the Muckle Fluga lighthouse

Advanced Adventures:

  • Paddle around the mighty Mull of Kintyre

  • Complete the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail - 300 miles along the wild west Atlantic coast

  • Paddle in to the artic circle in the Lofoten Islands, Norway

  • Experience true wilderness paddling in Alaska or Greenland

We all have a sense of adventure. Whether your adventure is big or small, just getting out there and doing it is key. Adventure makes us feel better, exercises our minds and bodies, and provides perspective on life.

Happy sea kayak adventurer

Adventures can also take the form of learning new skills. Handling your boat in rough water perhaps, conquering a fear or learning to roll or surf.

Sea kayaker being coached in rough water

Here at Sea Kayak Argyll & Bute we offer a number of ready made adventures, which you can peruse on our planned events page.

If anything on the list above inspires you, then do get in touch to discuss if we can help, or just let us know how you get on fulfilling your dream sea kayaking adventures. Tell us your ideas and your inspirations!

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