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  • Phil Keetley

Sea Safety Week - Oct 2018

We have just finished our second Sea Safety Week of 2018, and this time have created a wee video to show people what it is all about:

Despite being a very demanding week, I really do enjoy this course. Working with Duncan and Lisa of Greene Adventures means that there are three members of staff, which combined with low course numbers means that we can really focus on the learners needs, and can create a positive learning environment - this is training, not an assessment.

The combination of outdoors 1st aid, incident management and sea survival makes for a really intense week, but one that provides a unique training opportunity.

We try very hard to make this as realistic as possible, getting the students to work through an incident on the sea, managing the casualty, making radio calls to the emergency services, sorting out the technical rescue and tow, getting to the shore, handling the casualty, managing the environmental issues for the casualty and the group, preparing the area for evacuation and handing over the casualty.

We have now had students from Greece, Sweden and Spain, as well as from all over the UK. If you would like to know more about this unique course - do get in touch.

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