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1st Aid & Rescue Practice Day

This is a one day course aimed as either an update or a professional development day.  We will spend the morning revising a little 1st aid principles and practises, and some rescue techniques.  After lunch we will run through some simple, realistic scenarios to practise the totality of the technical rescue, setting up a rafted tow, doing 1st aid, calling for help and getting a casualty to the shore and providing care until help arrives.  



We remind ourselves of the basic elements of 1st aid and a variety of rescue techniques, supervised by a Advanced Performance Sea Coach and Advanced 1st Aid Instructor/ Wilderness EMT.



We run through some common scenarios and injuries, practising the rescues, towing and 1st aid, as well as calling for help.


Worst Case Scenario

We consider what we would do if there was no immediate help and had to manage a casualty for an extended period, how we might keep them warm, and monitor their health.

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