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The British Canoeing Personal Performance Sea Award is a really important marker in your sea kayaking development.  It marks the point where you are developing real independence in gentle conditions, and allows access many commercial guided trips and expeditions.  Join us for both training and/ or assessment.

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The course includes basic weather and tidal workings, as well as some simple navigation.


Stroke Work

We will work to develop new strokes and put them in to context of F3 winds and some waves.  We will work on linking strokes and fluidity, as well as focussing on the tactical employment of which stroke to use when.

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We examine all of the equipment options available, taking time to learn how to properly use them.  Look in detail at flares, PLBs, drogues etc to be able to make sensible kit decisions and confidence to use them properly.



Depending upon how many days booked, we will provide lots of practical practise exercises to perfect the new skills.


Safety & Rescue

We will work with you on the roll and certainly develop a really reliable self-rescue.  We also practise towing, contact tows and ensure that you are comfortable with a strong deep water rescue.

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You can join us for a weekend training course or longer to build your skills towards the assessment. The assessment is completed in one day, over the course of a coastal sea kayak journey, in a friendly, supportive and relaxed manner.

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