Sea Safety week

A unique course that will make you a better and safer sea kayaker.  1st aid, sea survival, leadership, rescues, towing and incident management in one action packed week.

'Train like it is real - one day it might be!'

Sea Survival 


Sea 1st Aid



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Alan Rollo

A fantastic course delivered by top notch coaches. Covers a wide range of topics - an excellent first aid module focussing on things that are actually of relevance to sea kayakers combined with sessions on leadership skills, incident management, planning and safety at sea. The course is structured so that there is good mix of classroom based learning as well as practical sessions out on the water with some pretty fiendish scenarios to sort out. This course is ideal for any sea kayaker who wishes to learn more about safety at sea but would be particularly useful for those thinking of undertaking a sea kayak leader qualification. Probably the best course I have been on (and I have been on a few!)

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Adele Pennington MIC

Just had a fantastic week doing a first aid course and sea kayak survival. Excellent instruction with a relaxed atmosphere and would recommend to both pleasure sea kayakers and those going through their awards. Learnt so much and excellent value for your pennies.