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The British Canoeing Personal Performance Coastal Sea Award another important marker in your sea kayaking development.  The Coastal Award provides you with the training and support to be a safe and competent paddler in moderate water, with winds up to Force 4 and waves up to 1-1.5m high.  Our training can be a few days, or indeed a much longer mentored and supported learning journey, depending upon your needs.   Join us for both training and/ or assessment.

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The course includes weather prediction for moderate water and planning simple passages in tidal waters of up to 2 knot


Stroke Work

At this level we will work to develop your tactics, to chose the right stroke combinations for the environment, as well as working to combine strokes to create a more fluid performance. 

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We check that you have and can safely use all of the necessary safety equipment for operating in moderate water conditions, including flares, radios, PLBs, tow ropes, 1st aid kits and basic repairs.



Depending upon how many days booked, we will provide lots of practical practise exercises to perfect the new skills.


Safety & Rescue

We will now stress test your rescues in more challenging conditions and ensure that you can safely self-rescue and roll in moderate water.

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You can join us for a weekend training course or longer to build your skills towards the assessment. The assessment is completed in one day, over the course of a coastal sea kayak journey, in a friendly, supportive and relaxed manner.

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