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Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning

This is a fantastic opportunity to bring together both the British Canoeing Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning course, with some practical on the water navigation training.  We start with the British Canoeing Safety Course: Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning.   At the end of day 1, we do some planning for the next day.  For day 2, we head out in the sea kayaks to conduct the plan, and apply lots of practical navigation tips and tricks.

We aim to provide a holistic course, free of jargon that provides you with the essentials to build confidence and ensure that all the content is related to practical application on the water.  This is perfect for anyone who works or plays on the sea - making you a safer paddler.

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We look at what the weather is, where to get reliable forecasts and how to interpret the forecasts to understand how they will impact you decision making.

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Gathering information and processing it in a simple and easy format.  Be safe and get the most our of your trips.

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We will demystify the tides, learning what they are, how they can be predicted and used to your advantage.

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Home Practise

Each session is supported with home practise exercises that you can do in the week. We will provide feedback and support throughout the course.

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Navigation Skills

Taking bearings, measuring distance, plotting routes, marking maps and charts to make navigation easy, both on an off of the water.


Practical Navigation

A full day applying all the tips and techniques on the water.

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