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The British Canoeing Guide Leadership Module is a brilliant and unique course.  Taking place over eight hours (either in person or online), the course delves deep in to leadership theory, but using practical and relevant examples to bring the theory to life.  Numerous self-assessment and practical exercises ensure that the material is accessible and relevant to all paddlesport leaders, and indeed leaders, coaches and guides in all adventure sports.   In fact, we have had numerous people attend the course purely for the leadership element in their own businesses and workplaces.   The course requires you to reflect and challenge your own leadership style, and be prepared to share your ideas and experience.  The outcome is a detailed understanding of some of nuances of leadership, and hopefully you will be a better leader. All of the materials are provided, along with references to the source materials.

The course is an essential component of the British Canoeing Guide Modules, and also provides ten points of CPD for British Canoeing coaches and leaders.

The course is led by Phil Keetley MSc MBE, a former senior army officer with twenty years of operational leadership experience.  Phil is also a consummate outdoor professional, and is an experienced Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, Advanced Performance Sea Coach and professional Guide having training with British Canoeing and ISKGA.  Phil also leads mountain, mountain biking, canoeing, expeditions and has a wealth of practical leadership experience on expedition, and in austere operations all over the world.


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Andy Macpherson

Did the BC Guide Leadership course recently having previously been on a trip to Shetland guided by Phil and others. I am not a qualified paddlesports leader but an active informal or peer paddler so for me the interest was more for thinking about how to make decisions better as part of being a safer, better paddler having more fun. Also for interest in leadership off the water in work and volunteering. The course surpassed my expectations and Phil’s delivery was excellent. I recommend this course highly to paddle leaders but also for anyone who plans most or all of their own paddle trips, and also for anyone with an interest in leadership (aka “it’s just you”) in a work, volunteering or other context. Also great when paddling opportunities are limited due to covid.

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Matt Elsmore

Just spent the last 4 weeks doing the Leadership BC guide module with Phil. Great content and delivered very well with some great participation by the students. Really enjoyable and learnt a lot. I would highly recommend any sea kayak leaders, or aspiring leaders to do this course.

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