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  • Phil Keetley

Easiest Spray Deck Release Ever

Last winter I was sent a few prototype tools by a friend of mine. Juan is a British qualified, Spanish sea kayak coach and guide who runs Sea Kayak Lanzarote. Juan also has a background in engineering, and he has turned his quick mind to solving some simple issues, and has now released his tools for purchase.

I am going to do an in depth review of some of these tools as I use them over this season. But, I really want to highlight one particular tool, that I genuinely think is genius and something that everyone should go and purchase.

This is the Spray Deck Quick Release. It is a simple plastic buckle that threads on to any spray deck. The genius is that way that it acts as a cam, levering the spray deck off with incredible ease.

I am an experienced guide and Advanced Performance Sea Kayak Coach, but, when paddling in Scotland last November (having spent the entire season paddling in the Mediterranean), I struggled to release my spraydeck when practising skills for a Sea Leader provider update. I think the cold water affected me more than usual and I was (briefly) somewhat concerned and wished that I had the Spray Deck Quick Release fitted!

The Spray Deck Quick Release provides effortless release, with one hand, or even one finger. I fully intend to put them on all my spray decks for my business clients, as it adds an element of safety for little cost. I will still train all my clients to release their decks properly, but the Spray Deck Quick Release provides both me and the clients with some additional security and confidence.

Juan has a bunch of tools that are aimed at sea kayakers looking for cheap, simple and reliable solutions. He has a great looking tiny trolley that I shall be trying this season. He has designed an innovative sea kayak tow hook, simple spare paddle holders, a skeg tool, a contact towline and a clever paddle shaft repair kit. All the tools are precision made with 3D printing out of sun resistant plastic; they are lightweight and designed for the marine environment.

I shall take a closer look at these later in the season after some extended use. If you have not seen it yet, do check out his new site:

Disclaimer: I know Juan well and have worked with him in the past, but have no commercial relationship and will provide unbiased reviews. The tools were sent to me to trial as part of the design process.


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11 de jul. de 2022

I can confirm that Juan has some really innovative and effective tools - I currently use the Short Tow system and Skeg Release tool. Both work brilliantly.

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