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Sea Safety & Rescue Course

The British Canoeing Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue Course is designed to take people who have either completed a Sea Award or are paddling at that standard to do some focussed rescue practise in sheltered and moderate water conditions.  The course includes safety protocols, equipment, calling or help and all forms of towing and rescues, as well as some 1st aid.

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The course includes basic weather and tidal workings, as well as some simple navigation. We will consider safety protocols and and consider special environmental conditions such as surf and rock gardens.



We will work to develop a broad range of rescues and self-rescues in a variety of environments.  We also look at swimmers, unresponsive casualties and landing through rocks or surf.

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We examine all of the equipment options available, taking time to learn how to properly use them.  Look in detail at radios, flares, PLBs, drogues etc to be able to make sensible kit decisions and confidence to use them properly.

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1st Aid

Our advanced 1st aid instructor will cover the most common incidents on the sea and in the water.

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We will practise all forms of contact towing and towing in sheltered and moderate water conditions, including moving swimmers and anchored tows.



You can join us for a focussed two days training, or attend our full Sea Safety Week which includes a full Rescue Emergency Care Outdoor 1st Aid qualification.  Be a safer paddler!

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