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Sea Survival for Sea Kayakers

This is a one day course aimed at all sea kayakers wishing to be safer out on the ocean.  The course is a half day of theory, looking at the physiology of cold water shock and hypothermia, as well as looking in detail at all of the safety equipment options available to you.  The second half of the day is focussed on developing and rehearsing a  personal 'firing sequence' using their own equipment in the event of the worst case scenario.  Join us for an informative day to make you a safer sea kayaker.

Cold Water Shock.jpg


We examine the effects of cold water shock and hypothermia on the body, in relation to what we will do if we end up in the water and unable to remount our boat.


Firing Sequence

We develop your firing sequence, working out where the kit is stowed and how to access it.

Winter Paddling Jan 16.jpg


We examine all of the equipment options available, taking time to learn how to properly use them.  Look in detail at flares, PLBs, drogues etc to be able to make sensible kit decisions and confidence to use them properly.

PLBs & Radios.jpg


Out on the water, we bring it all together, working through the firing sequence, using all the equipment properly to give you the best chance of survival.


Worst Case Scenario

We examine the worst case scenario, solo paddling (or separated) and the conditions become too much for you to stay in the boat....what is the plan?



You will finish the day knowing how to use your kit, and what additional kit you might wish to acquire.  In the event of the worst case scenario, you will have a considered and rehearsed plan, giving you confidence and maximising your survival chances.

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